Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey Asshole, chew on THIS!

Just when I didn't think it could get any worse....who knew he was an apparent Psychopath. I mean, he would say sick things like, they should lock me up or if I get anywhere near a mental hospital, they will keep me forever. NO SHIT.I recently learned that he kept a profile on MySpace. OMG. WHAT A JOKE. I can't believe I fell for his crap. The signs were definitely there along the way. He actually said he would 'stalk' me if I weren't in his life and I thought it was a joke. He would say he was twisted, psychotic, crazy, mental....but all jokingly so as to not arouse suspicion. To think that I 'stayed' around to give him just more money. Gee, thanks Jay, that was really nice of you to not cut me loose or trade me in for a new model. What you mean to say was you had already traded me in when I stopped paying your storage bill.

So, here is a snippet in all it's glory and my response to it.

Jay's Blurbs

About me:I am Italian/Irish guy who's height is at 6 feet tall. I have a nice athletic build. I am very funny and sarcastic at times. I am very easy to talk to and laid back. I like to kick back every now and then, and have a few beers or Sake. I am an intelligent person with a great sense of humor. I have alot of passion in everything i do. I am a big animal lover (except for cats, which i dont like). I have a pet dog and rabbits. I like to cook (well i think im an excellent cook I love playing my guitar and singing too.

I have many interests. I am very into Asian culture. I lived in Japan for three years and i am currently learning how to read/write and speak Japanese. I am also into music. I write and record my own music. I've been playing the guitar for a number of years.

Maybe you should take another stab at writing your Blog:

I’m a complete dick and a total waste of time. I’m no where near 6 feet tall but I have to say that because I am so insecure I have to lie about this to impress others. I don’t have such a great body due to the constant ‘munchies’ due to getting stoned everyday. My other personalities think I am funny but the outside world looks at me like I am insane. And I am sarcastic but only to girls who allow me to treat them like shit. I’m fairly easy to talk to because while the girls are doing most of the talking, I’m pretty much thinking about how I can play on their emotions and take them along on my downward spiral. I kick back most everyday indulging in sex where ever I can get it and I mean WHERE EVER I can get it. However when I say BEER, I really mean all beer all the time. I’m a product of an alcoholic and I have to keep the tradition going.

Saying I’m laid back really means I am so lazy that I have to get multiple women to take care of me, in fact, I’m soooo lazy that I can’t even think for myself on most occasions. (And if you have to know the truth-I have a hard time composing a simple email). I’m intelligent in the way any predator is, I sit back and I watch people, I wait patiently for them to approach me (because it inflates my ego) and plan what lie I will use to get them to do what I want. BUT when they fail to do what I want, I become the opposite of laid back, I become violently cruel verbally and physically until they are backed down into submission.

Some of my favorite words are below and how I would use them in a sentence:

Work Ethnics- “Babe, you have an excellent work ethnic.”
Characteristic- “Babe, I play the guitar, it’s one of my characteristics”
Agreeance- “Babe, I am in total aggreeance.”
Intelligence Quotient-“Babe, you have no idea how high my intelligence quotient is.’

Behind my back, these are commonly whispered as ‘Jayisms’

My personality is pretty much void, I don’t understand most humor and tend to laugh during inappropriate times and say the wrong things. However, I’m funny in the way that I create drama in my life and those around me. As long as I have drama, who needs TV? I can watch my handiwork unfold which is better than any reality TV show.

My passion comes from the desire to please myself, so if something is worth it in my eyes, I will act appropriately to get what I want, at any expense, except my own. I am a big animal lover except that I can barely take care of myself. I actually don’t have a dog. I had to give him away to someone I don’t even know because my dad arranged it and I lost track of him over the years. Don’t fall for the rabbit trick, don’t let the innocence of a bunny let you think I must also be like that because if I could really show myself, I would be a python and eat the bunny without blinking an eye. As far as my cooking skills go, I can really only make one dish. When I say I think I’m an excellent cook I really believe it, just like I believe I am awesome in bed. Delusion is a wonderful mindset.

I own several guitars but rarely do I open them up and play. I’m way too busy inflicting guilt and manipulation on unknowing girls to worry about playing guitars. It’s very cool with the ladies especially when I tell them that I wrote them a special song when in reality I just burned it from something I had laying on my desk. I get tons of compliments (which I love) which equals some sick gratification for me but hey, they don’t know and really who cares. I’m just not very adventurous. I’d rather live through other people’s lives than live my own.

I tend to take on the personality of the people I date because I have a hard time even figuring out what I like. I’m polite to a T. Women really appreciate the good manners. Oh, and I do love the Asian girls. I’m very into treating these girls like shit because, well, after all, they are Asian. I think I’m better than everyone and I make no pretense about telling anyone who will listen. I will be learning Japanese until I die only because I have such a hard time with the English language, it will take me a lifetime to make it passed the ‘where’s the bathroom’ and ‘what time is it’ phrases.’ I rarely know the definitions of words I should have learned in grade school and my big dopey guy act really makes girl take pity on me and I love it when that happens because I can manipulate them to do exactly what I want.

Below are some things that have worked for me in the past. Parents beware….

1. Being Manipulative and Deceitful
Psychopaths lie easily and because they don’t feel anxious when doing so, many can pass lie detector tests. They manipulate those around them to get money, free places to stay, sexual favours and sympathy. Most psychopaths are very proud of their ability to lie convincingly, and in addition to lying to evade consequences, they lie to get sympathy. When caught in a lie, they simply move on, leaving shattered lives in their wake.

2. Being Impulsive and Lacking Self-Restraint
Inability to delay gratification combined with a lack of fear and other constraints on behaviour leads to impulsivity. This, along with a lack of empathy, causes psychopaths to be selfish and irresponsible. They are like infants in adult bodies, demanding that others gratify their immediate needs while not understanding that they should offer anything in return. They take what they want when they want it through manipulation, threats or force. Because they lack inhibition, psychopaths tend to be short-tempered, becoming emotionally abusive or even violent in response to minor frustrations, criticism and failure. Quick to take offense, they are inclined to blow up at people, but because their emotions are shallow, such outbursts are usually short-lived. Afterward, the psychopath will behave as though nothing has happened, leaving the victims of his tirade feeling hurt and bewildered.

3. Bragging
Because psychopaths think very highly of themselves, most are prone to bragging. Many psychopaths talk obsessively in an attempt to convey their toughness and importance to others.

4. Having Behavior Problems in ChildhoodHe lies continuously and appears unfazed when caught in a lie. Threats of punishment (and even actual punishment) don’t usually deter him from doing what he wants. Even if he comes from a good, nurturing family, the psychopathic child will usually steal, cut school, have sex, take drugs, start fires, vandalize and be cruel to animals and other children by the time he is just 12 years old.

So, I can’t WAIT to meet you and get this party started!

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  1. This Jay guy sounds 95% like my ex Craig. Apparently, it is like their is a sociopath handbook. The women in their lives get the memo too late.