Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mel Gibson and his rants...and blame...

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Mel Gibson's rants against former girlfriend and mother of his child. I'm sure that most of you who have actually listened to the tapes felt deja vu all over again. If you haven't heard the tapes, you can find them at

I'm not sure if Mel is a psychopath but he obviously has issues. Big ones. He's very easily angered for one. When I heard him say, "I own you" I had flashbacks. When he said,"I'm going to give you one more chance" I thought this is all so familiar. When he said, "You are nothing. You have no soul" perhaps he is reflecting on himself.

You are a C#$@, Whore, Bitch, etc he tells her endlessly. He elevates himself and lowers her to 'unworthy' status. This is no news, to those who have lived with a narcissist, alcoholic, abuser, we know all too well how familiar these words are.

When she retorts that she is a 'marionette' and has to 'walk on eggshells', well, we know what this means too. He made death threats to her, threatened to burn the house down, punched her in the face, gave her a long before he snaps and does something worse? When she says she will call the police, he acts like most do, he tells her she is weak and he is strong and that he handles his own affairs. He admitted that she didn't have any friends, I'm sure by his design.

The media has crucified her too. Calling her a gold digger. Saying she had no right to have tapes like that without his knowledge. I disagree. I say she had every right. The legal system says that when you go to fight for custody you must have proof that you were battered, beaten or threatened. Most women do not call the police and file the report. If her medical records show what she alleges great but the tapes (to me) are icing on the cake. Again I love how the media make it the woman's fault and that he was just 'reacting' to her. She's a gold digger, it's her fault she got a concussion, and her teeth knocked out. She's the one pushing 'his' buttons. Blah blah blah blah blah.

His problems didn't start though with Oksana. He's had his tirades before. He's gone off on other non-white races. He views women as objects and that is evident when he says, "You should smile and blow me" "I deserve it".... or when he called a female office 'sugar tits' after she pulled him over. I can think of several things he deserves and a BJ isn't one of them. He's admitted he was Bi-Polar and an alcoholic. Bi-Polar behavior is certainly off the charts depending on how bad the disorder is and how often it is cycling. Bi-Polars need medication to help them stabilize their emotions. He's clearly in denial about having a mental disorder, needing therapy or medication. At this point, he should stop calling her but it will be his need to feel control that will keep these rants going.

For those people who have defended him in the past it is time to see who he really is. The religious conservatives. The pundits who have taken his side when it was clear he had disturbed thoughts. When people talk about killing other people in anger it needs to be taken seriously. Jay would always say similar things about African Americans and Jewish people in his rants. Look at Jesse James. Posing in pictures clearly denoting a 'Hitler' influence. Somehow this type of person thinks they are above the other races. That the other races are impure and 'deserve' to be treated as such. People who have 'race' issues usually have other issues. Anger, deep seeded anger and an inability to reason.

Of course people from all over and commenting on whether or not they will continue to see his movies. People are debating if she has set him up. People are saying men need to assert themselves and let the women know where they stand in a relationship. Incredible I know. The bigger picture is scary and a reflection of our society as a whole. People want to find excuses for the behavior and not really look at the real epidemic. They want to blame the victim and say she probably deserved it because she was out for his money. I'm sure people said the same thing about Nicole Brown Simpson.

If Mel is the victim of a gold digger, why didn’t he call it quits? In the second tape he tells he will give her one more chance. He tells her what a “blankety blank blank” she is and how she has destroyed him but HE will give her another chance. He admitted to hitting her and has not once apologized. IF he is the victim then why didn’t he just refuse to talk to her again, get his attorney and then support his child. End of story. He didn’t need to call her up and demand that she stop using the nanny, a lawyer could have done that. Does he not have any self control? Why didn’t he simply walk away?

It is quite clear that he needs to have control and exert his control via threats and physical harm. To me, that’s not a man, that’s a coward. The debate over what he has done is not about his ability as an actor or any talent he may possess as a director. This is how he treats his peers, this is what he thinks of his co workers. This is how he acts when he’s not acting. If I were Whoopi Goldberg, I’d be offended by his comments. If I were a female actress, I wouldn’t want to do a scene with him ever. If I were a Jewish movie producer, I wouldn’t finance another picture for him. This is how he acts when he thinks no one is listening.

Mel Gibson, OJ Simpson, Charlie Sheen all have the same issue. They feel entitled to lie, abuse, berate, strike, verbally abuse, cheat (Tiger Woods and Jesse James) on their wives and girlfriends. How many more men fit this mold. Too many. Abuse is never OK. Ever.

Personally I hope Mel goes to jail for hitting her. Charlie Sheen got off easy. OJ got off too easy. Too many get off easy. Where is the justice? There is a place that men go who cannot control their emotions, prison.

To me, hearing these tapes, while difficult only shows me that there are men out there that act like rageful, vindictive, threatening ogres in private but in person they are the nicest people you'd ever meet. I guess in a way it's proof for all of the victims of rage that this is how it sounds, how it feels and how the backlash exists against the victims. Just having some proof makes me feel validated in a world where the victim too often gets the blame. And yes, there is a little smile on my face as I write this post. Just a tiny one, for all of the victims.


  1. Amen. His vicious, sneering insults are just disgusting. Yet he has portrayed himself as holier than thou. I believe he once publically said that he doubted the salvation of ex-wife Robyn (to whom he was married at the time) because of her afficilation with the angelician church. I'd love to hear what Robyn would have to say since she endured 29 years with this guy. He's an entitled a-hole, and I for one will NEVER pay any $$ to see anything he is affiliated with. He needs serious help -- years ago.

  2. I'm glad that messages like this are getting out there. The counterwave of negativity to Oksana is so frightening. Whatever, she may have done or not done, no one deserves to be treated that way. And yes, hearing the one clip I've heard did give me a stomach-lurching moment of deja vu. I know that no matter what that woman did or didn't do, it wouldn't have changed his behavior. Nothing you ever do will please someone determined to be abusive. It didn't take a genius to figure out the man has serious problems. What did they think the woman cop did to deserve his abuse? He lashes out his anger at anyone and everyone convenient. When his anti-semitism hit the airwaves, I already decided he would never get another cent of my support. And I liked his movies, think he is a talented actor (how else did he keep us all lulled for so long?), and thought he was hot since way back. He kept his wife and kids closeted away in Australia and was probably only home long enough to make babies. But this is bigger than whether or not Mel is a freak. Every woman who has ever been on the receiving end of that kind of tirade should know that it was not because of anything they did, it's terrifying and needs to stop being acceptable for any reason.

  3. well the guy is just deranged ranting an raving like a looney caveman, i dont even think he would get it if he listened back to the tapes, and anyone who blames her i would seriously question there rational, i am amazed at how many people blame the victim i feel sometimes they are worse than the abuser.

  4. i loved reading this. you could simply substitute my hubby name(we're separated, i had to run for dear life with my kid across a continent) an it would be the same man.

    Thank you for this. i believe in my own sanity even though i was regularly brainwashed to believe that i was insane, weak, trash and should be honored to have a man like him. Dear God! my heart goes out to all victims. be strong, learn to identify manipulation and RUN, RUN, RUN