Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From How to Spot Psychopaths: Speech Patterns Give Them Away

This is an interesting article from Live Science.

If we all took a moment to really understand the people around us we would see some very unique and scary things about human nature. While there are only a percentage of people who are truly psychopathic, it is common to run across narcissists, manipulators and liars. The signs are always there and we are either too busy or too afraid to listen to our gut instincts.

I welcome your comments. I read all of them and publish the ones compliment the topic at hand. Some of you just left relationships and are still in shock while others have escaped and able to look back without fear. For all of you, I am 4 years away from my experience and I am here to say, I am a different person. I do things on my terms. I've run into people who have tried to latch on and if their demands keep me from doing what I want to do, then it goes no further. Period. I am educating myself daily and I read a lot of articles on Psychopathy. It does get better. There is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Will you trust again or should you put your trust in someone again? No. To put trust in other people is wrong. It will only lead to disappointment. But if you put trust in yourself and set your boundaries and only do what YOU want, then you won't find yourself again at the mercy of a psychopathic personality or other emotional vampire.

You have to trust your gut and listen to your instincts. That means you have to get your self esteem healthy, your body healthy, your mind healthy and your spiritual self healthy. When you are in control of what YOU think, what YOU eat, how YOU feel and what YOU believe in, then YOU can't get caught up in someone else's drama or rescue a complete stranger from themselves. You do not need a charity case in order have a purpose in this life. Be strong and you will get there too! Love getting your comments, please keep them coming!



  1. Luckygirl you are. Emotional vampire is a good estimation of a sex addicted narcissistic on-line predator. The more educated they are--the more dangerous they can become. Their PFCs are virtually fried from repeated dopamine hits and the loss of inhibition as a result of their on-line porn use renders them even more able to play with your mind and get what they want from you. Keep a silver bullet in your pocke(easier than a stake) just to remid you that they are EVERYWHERE!

  2. Hey great blog! There's a particular "emotional vampire" that is beyond anything I've ever seen before. So much so that me and many other people got together and made blogs too.

    This vampire is a celebrity stalker who get others drawn up in her drama. It would entertainment value except that this person has actually stalked people online and offline.

    So thanks for your thoughts as we try to muddle through. It's never a straight line. I will now follow your blogspot. Thanks.

  3. omg what a great post ! its taken me almost three years to find some clarity , thank youand love and light to you x

  4. Wow, emotional vampire is right on the money for a description. Psychopaths are always on the hunt like predatory animals. They will try to get you to feel sorry for them, they use that self pity and empty promises to keep you playing the game. They are all about controlling your emotions. They love to toy with the emotions that they don't have, like a cat would toy with a mouse. They are abusive in every way. Yep, their words give them away. They will contradict themselves and not even know it. They don't understand sarcasm. They can't always read your face (which is like a mask to them to tell them how to respond to you). If you were to put a fake mask on or a piece of paper in front of your face, they are lost as to how to respond. They honestly can't tell the difference between fear, upset, or surprise. The grayness between emotions can confuse them because they have no personal reference to compare. If they do something to cause upset and anger, if you laugh at what they do, they are confused. There is a typical blank look on their face in which they have no idea how to respond, as if the computer goes into neutral or black screen. You will notice that they have a predatory glaze that gives most people the creeps. They are seducers and charmers with their words and behavior. And, it is all to get control of your emotions for manipulation. Watch out! There is no remorse, no feelings,no care for others. They live solely for their own wants and needs on a whim-whatever at that moment. Don't trust them because they don't care. A psychopath brain has the right hemisphere as almost dead (where the emotions and conscience is located). They are always narcissistic. They care nothing of those who come in and go out of their lives. They can't maintain relationships. People are objects to be used like shoes to them. I hope all my ramblings of info. helps some of you all. I have researched this a lot because I have a psychopath in my life. Even with neurofeedback, there is not hope or change because they love their condition. They have no desire to change, and they see those people with emotions as week. It is really odd that they see that having a half a brain makes them smarter and better than those with a whole brain (with emotions).